Alexander Technique Joan Frost M.AmSAT

My Students Testimonials

I had taken a few Alexander lessons from other practitioners before seeing Joan. She is by far the best. She worked patiently and thoroughly with me, focusing on my unique issues as a composer and musician. The techniques she taught me have stayed with me over the years. I recommend her highly.
John Lampkin, composer

The Alexander Technique has transformed my posture and the way I feel when I move through the world. Joan Frost is an inspiring teacher. Her gentleness and engaging humor are matched by her challenging spirit and passion for her work.
Diane Jacobs, author
New York, NY

Studying the Alexander Technique with Joan Frost has become an invaluable part of my ongoing training as a professional dancer. The work deepens my understanding of energy patterns in my body, puts me in touch with the quality of my breath, and helps me deal with injuries and strains. As a result, I am continuing to feel more open, centered, and connected in my body, both in my dance work and in everyday motion.
Myrna Packer, dancer/choreographer

One would never think that there is a connection between one's quality of writing and posture. However, I have recently discovered that this appears to be false. It appears that whenever I am writing an essay in school or at home, my posture greatly affects my writing. Sitting up straight seems to make my thoughts flow far more clearly from my head to the screen of my computer. This is one of the many positive effects from learning the Alexander Technique from Joan Frost.
Jesse Voremberg, high school student