Do you want better posture?

Do you want to feel good in your body?  Light and free?

Capable, with inner calm, and easeful breathing?

The Alexander Technique is a tool for living.  It is an education, not a treatment.  You are learning to use yourself well as you go about your day.

What am I doing to myself, unconsciously, that is creating and maintaining my bad posture?  My painful back?  I can learn this with the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique is an awareness, right now, of what I am doing with myself. With this awareness, I can stop doing those things and instead, make a choice that heads me towards ease and well-being.

Everyone could benefit from studying the Technique, but it is not for everybody.  The Technique works well for those who are interested in learning about themselves and are motivated to change.  It is a process, not a quick-fix affair.  For those who are willing to work with it, the results are life-changing.

Please refer to "Lesson Look" for further description of the Technique.